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Holding on to my man (Chapter 29 - Part 1)

Chapter 29: The protagonist of an ancient abusive novel (Part 1)

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  In the original plan, Gu Bai decided to rush back to Fu Mansion after he was done dealing with Fu family's second young master to find a shield* to block this matter.


  In the past few years, although he wasn't bullied by servants like the original host in the storyline because of studying, he didn't raise his status into a real young master of the Fu family. The fact that the original host is a drag* is unchangeable.

*woman's children from previous marriage (derogatory)

  Once something goes wrong, between his own son and a drag*, the brain of a normal person will definitely be biased towards his own son. Furthermore, the fact that he was present today ca…

Holding on to my man (Chapter 24 - Part 2)

Chapter 24: Fantasy Cinnabar Mole (Part 2)
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  Behind him, Gu Bai's expression stiffened when he saw the scroll paintings that filled the secret chamber and almost didn't hold back a stagger that would expose himself. He roared in his heart: Qin Shitian, you big pervert!

  Even if he has thicker skin, he became a YY* protagonist that was even painted out and seen by other people, he couldn't refrain his cheeks from burning up.

*perverted fantasy

  However, Gu Bai didn't rush out. He noticed that other than him and Mo Haige, there's someone else in the secret chamber, a powerhouse, a powerhouse who isn't weaker than him!
  Sure enough, when Mo Haige walked over and wanted to take the Purple Heart Lotus, a black flame fiercely came at him and directly smacked him to the wall of the secret chamber, blood spurted from his mouth.
  "Master, you, how are you here..."
  Mo Haige looked up and his expression changed when he saw the tall figure that came out of the dark. He never expected Qin Shitian to be in the secret chamber.
  "Then how are you here?....."
  Qin Shitian stared at him and his gaze was cold, no more infatuation and pampering from the past.
  Today, after peeping at Gu Bai bathing, he felt burning hot and had trouble calming down. He would usually go to the secret chamber to paint and calm down.
  He knows that Gu Bai isn't as weak as shown on the surface. His ability to sneak into his bedchamber that time is enough to rival him. It's impossible to forcefully obtain the boy.
  Every time he longs for the boy, he can only present his thoughts through painting and release the demonic fire in his heart while facing the scroll painting. Who knew that someone would disturb him today.
  There's no one else who knows this place except for Mo Haige. Mo Haige certainly relied on his understanding of him and found the inside of the secret chamber. He even dared try to obtain the Purple Heart Lotus.
  Mo Haige was rendered speechless by the question and his face was slightly pale. He detest Qin Shitian, but he's still very afraid of him. The other party is a great devil head who kills people without blinking, his methods are very ruthless.
  But then he thought of his lover who needs this type of treasure and the fear in his heart reduced a lot. He also remembered how Qin Shitian used to indulge and pamper him in the past, so he spontaneously kneeled down.
  "Master, this disciple is unfilial, disciple wants to withdraw and leave Mozong. Before leaving, may master grant disciple a Purple Heart Lotus...."
  Qin Shitian didn't speak and stared at him with half-shut eyes for a while, "What do you want to do with the Purple Heart Lotus?"
  The matter of Mo Haige and Jun Yanhan is very secretive and their time of acquaintance is also short. Even if Qin Shitian’s eyes and ears are numerous, he still won't know about it.
  Qin Shitian doesn't know Jun Yanhan's existence and Mo Haige naturally doesn't dare to say it.
  After being in the Mozong for so many years and growing up by Qin Shitian's side, he knows Qin Shitian's character very well, he's a very extreme person.
  If Qin Shitian knew that he betrayed him for the sake of another man, he will definitely kill Jun Yanhan. The current Jun Yanhan can't defeat Qin Shitian at all.
  Mo Haige bit his lip and shook a little from fear, but he was still firm and persistent.
  "Master, disciple doesn't want to stay in Mozong anymore and doesn't want to participate in the power struggle, disciple wants to live a quiet life, beg master to help fulfill this wish and also beg master to grant disciple a Purple Heart Lotus...."
  After that, he looked at the uncertain eyes of Qin Shitian. He steeled his heart and couldn’t help but add another sentence.
  "As long as master promise to grant disciple a Purple Heart Lotus, disciple will do anything...."
  It's impossible to snatch it in front of Qin Shitian and Mo Haige also doesn't dare to use force. He looks doleful and ashamed. It's apparent that he can do anything for Jun Yanhan, even if it's to be touched by Qin Shitian, who he regarded as a plague.
  When the words fell, he lowered his head and didn't dare to look at Qin Shitian's expression.

  After he was done talking, Qin Shitian's unsightly expression actually calmed down and a pair of cold eyes stared at him with some uncertainty.
  He's very familiar with Mo Haige’s character, cold and rigid. Before, he would rather die and defy him than to let him touch. Now, he's willing to let him get close for a Purple Heart Lotus, it's really too strange, there must be a reason.
  Not only does he no longer have that interest in Mo Haige, it's also impossible to touch him in this situation.
  With such thoughts, he took Mo Haige's goal of obtaining the Purple Heart Lotus seriously.
  "Forget get up, I won't give you the Purple Heart Lotus. If you want to leave Mozong, just go, benzun will consider to have never taken you in as a disciple, benzun....also doesn't want to force you anymore......"
  Although it's dangerous to let the tiger return to the mountain* and then follow the vine to get to the melon*, others are also tigers and he is very familiar with Mo Haige’s ability!

*lay trouble for the future
*track something by following clues

  He closed his eyes, as if experiencing some emotional pain, but his heart actually didn't waver at all and Gu Bai's face emerged instead.
     Qin Shitian had no idea that Gu Baithe person he was thinking ofactually witnessed this scene and even secretly said:
  Qin Shitian is indeed foolishly in love with Mo Haige deeply, there are still some residual feelings in his heart. The other party wants to steal Mozong's most valuable treasure and betray the sect, but he's still reluctant to kill him, even letting him go.
  Fortunately, he never made the move to kill Mo Haige and Jun Yanhan to complete the task. Otherwise, Qin Shitian will kill him for killing Mo Haige. After killing Jun Yanhan, it's also possible for Mo Haige to seduce Qin Shitian and then kill him for revenge....
  As for killing Jun Yanhan before he meets Mo Haige, it also can't be done. Jun Yanhan's identity and background isn't simple, his death will cause troubles.
  Reaching this conclusion, Gu Bai took a glance at the scroll paintings inside the secret chamber and doesn't know why he feels unhappy. This man painted erotic pictures of him while thinking of someone else, really a group of masochists!
  But regardless of whether Qin Shitian still have residual feelings, as long as he can let go of Mo Haige, everyone's happy. Thinking up to this point, Gu Bai quietly retreated.
  On the other side, after Mo Haige was released, Qin Shitian immediately sent devil guards to track him. Less than an hour later, he understood the ins and outs of why Mo Haige wanted the Purple Heart Lotus and instantly became furious.


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